“National Center for Educational Technologies” state non trade organization

“National Center for Educational Technologies” state non trade organization was established in accordance with RA government Decision 408, March 11, 2004 the “National Center of Educational Technologies” (NCET).

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are of great importance from the point of view of developing the Armenian Educational system and providing its compliance with the international standards. It is impossible to develop contemporary educational environment, introducing new teaching methods and measures without them.

 NCET mission is to develop contemporary educational environment in Armenia.

 NCET objectives are:

  • To introduce ICT in general schools in Armenia and to ensure their further availability.
  • To rate general, preliminary (artisan), vocational, higher and postgraduate institutions, that implement educational programmes,
  • To rate the educational programs that implement general, preliminary(artisan), vocational, higher and postgraduate education institutions,
  • To maintain administrative registers of the education sector,
  • To implement selective studies at different levels of education.

 NCET main activities are:

  • to provide general schools with up to date computer facilities;
  • to introduce universal computer network among general schools;
  • to provide general schools with the Internet;
  • to establish computer training centers in general schools;
  • to coordinate educational ICT curriculums in Armenia;
  • to improve teachers’ computer literacy by means of trainings;
  • to develop and maintain information educational portal for  general schools,
  • to develop, publish and provide computer teaching materials and curriculums to general schools;
  • to create educational information and communication environment by gradually involving vocational and higher education institutions,
  • to provide the storage, analysis and dissemination of statistical data of pre-school, general and tertiary education institutions and to develop information management database,
  • to develop management, strategic and other programs of the education sector, to develop relevant analytical information so as to enhance productivity of activities in the education sector and to provide its availability to all the interested organizations and individuals
  • to publish indicators regarding the education sector.

To enable the “National Center for Educational Technologies” SNTO to implement the following types of entrepreneurial activities:

  • Publication and printing,
  • Software development and consultations in that sphere,
  • Data development,
  • Activities related to the databases,
  • Data exchange services,
  • Organization of trainings in the field of ICT.

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