NCET finshed its working visit to Artsakh

3 April, 2017

National Center for Educational Technologies (NCET) sent senior specialist (Hayk Tadevosyan), regional cordinators of educational Technologies (Edgar Manukyan and Albert Abrahamyan) to the maintation of software and implementation of computer classes at schools on March 27-april 1 inclusive 6 days in  Artsakh Republic. During the meeting NCET employees visited twelve schools including different regiones of Artsakh Republic. ( N2, N3,N7,N8 ) schools of Stepanakert and Kashatax, Hadrut, Uxtadzor, Tox regions. In these schools NCET working group inspected a major repair and replace the broken equipment to restore or create  local network, instolling a new equipment, apdeated systems, software packages and supplemented necessary antivirus application.